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AR-6500 - Nhiệt kế cầm tay - Anritsu Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam - Contact and Non Contact Thermometer


Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:




ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam

KARI-SC0282 (KARI SC0282)

ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam


ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam

PACDRIVE; C600/10/1/1/1/00; FW: SERIAL

ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam

U-131K-05-D0-1- TC1-ANP

ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam


ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam


ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam


ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam


ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam

Model: CS-13E-010-1-TC1-ASP

ANRITSU-meter Viet Nam

Cedaspe Viet nam

Model: ABEE30ML2P


According to DWG 3852

Cable Entry W/Out Sun Shield, With Glass Windows

Vaisala Viet nam

Low Dewpoint Transmitter

Code: DMT152 A1DEC1XA33EA1A

Mechanical connection: DMT152 Metal ISO 1/2" Thread

Measurement parameters: Td/f, ppm

Analog output Ch1 & Ch2 + RS-485 as standard: 4...20mA

Analog output parameter or function for Ch1: 0...500ppm

Analog output parameter or function for Ch2: Td-100...0C -148...+32F ; Output units: Metric Units

Pressure Setting for ppm Calculation: Special Pressure Max 50 bar(a); Sensor Protection:  Mesh Filter 18um Stainless Steel

Cable for Analog Outputs and Power Supply (Port 1): Shielded Cable, 3.0m, 4-pin M8 Female Straight; Cable for RS485 Line and Power Supply (Port 2): Cable 3m 4-pin M8 Female Straight

Installation Accessories ONLY for ISO 1/2" Thread: Sampling Cell+Connectors DMT242SC2

Special Features: Plastic Label 1180, 48+3mm, ZZ-Polyest

Package: Cardboard Box

AII Viet nam

Model: GPR-1000-WP

Weld Purge O2 Analyzer, Integral Pump 0-1000 PPM

AII Viet nam

Model: GPR-1100

Portable Oxygen Analyzer, 0-10ppm up to 0-25%

Showagiken/SGK Viet nam

Pearl rotary joint

OSKC・2 10A-φ6  LH (D/#.3A12247LH)

Showagiken/SGK Viet nam

Pearl rotary joint

KC 15A-6A LH

Showagiken/SGK Viet nam

Pearl rotary joint

ACD 40A-20A LH

ANRITSU Viet nam

Model: HD-1200E


Metrix Viet nam

Accessories AC 9060-SCTS-002

Static Calibrator - Touch Settings (mm)


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