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BEXP4S1X3L0A2M20IIBR - Đèn còi báo động kết hợp - E2S Việt Nam - Song Thành Công đại diện



Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



Labino Vietnam

Torch Light Kit Version


Labino Vietnam


Torch Light

SICK Vietnam

Code: 1072602

IMB30-15BPSVC0S Inductive proximity sensor

SICK Vietnam

Code: 1072806

IMB18-08BPSVC0S Inductive Proximinty sensor

Heidenhein Vietnam

Code: 363409-02

Incremental length gauge MT 2581 93S15 0V ~1Vss 01 .. 1,50 01 1,7mm 50 ES 2,000 KF 01 0,2; Plunger actuation: Extended by spring force; Measuring length: 25 mm; Type of guide: ball guide

Reference mark position: 1.7mm; Accuracy grade: 0.2 μm

Electrical connection: D-sub connector, 2-row, with locking screws,

with integrated electronics, coated, male, 15-pin; Pin configuration: D330978; Cable type: PUR Ø 4.5 mm; Cable length: 1.50 m>

Output signal: sinusoidal; voltage signals (1 Vpp)

Grating period: 4.000 μm; Power supply: 5V+-5%; Degree of protection: IP 50 (EN 60529); Operating temperature: +10/+40 °C

Leuze Vietnam

Part no: 50035674

KRTM 20M/V-20-0001-S12

Contrast scanner, Operating range 0.018 ... 0.022 m, LED, RGB, 12-30VDC, Analog output, Current + 1 x PNP Light switching output, Protocol, M12 5Pin connector, -25 ... 60 °C, IP 67, IP 69K, Autocollimation, Cut-marking system

Leuze Vietnam

Part no: 50041007

KRTM 20M/V-20-0004-S12

Contrast scanner, Operating range: 0.018 ... 0.022m, 12 ... 30VDC, Analog output, Current, PNP, M12 5pin Stainless steel connecttion, 30 x 80 x 53mm, -25 ... 60 °C, IP 67, IP 69K, Autocollimation, Time function, Cut-marking system

Molex Vietnam

PART No: 1120160018

(Engineer part: SST-PB3-CLX-RLL) Communication Module

HMS Vietnam

Model: AB7000-C

Anybus Communicator PROFIBUS-DP single packed

Towa Seiden Vietnam

Model: HL-400H-L-100mm (HL-400H)

Rotary paddle level switch ; Power supply: AC100/ 110V or AC200/220; Paddle size: W-35x80mm

Contact output: 1C SPDT (250V 5A)

eWon/HMS Vietnam

Part No.: NB1015

Netbiter LC350 ThingWorx Gateway - ThingWorx version

eWon/HMS Vietnam

Part No.: NB1014

Netbiter LC310 ThingWorx Gateway - ThingWorx version

eWon/HMS Vietnam

Part No.: NB1005

Netbiter EC350 (Ethernet, 3G, GPRS, Metal housing)- Normal Version

eWon/HMS Vietnam

Part No.: NB1007

Netbiter EC310 (Ethernet only) -  Normal Version




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