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EDP-30100 - Bộ cấp nguồn chương trình - PNCYS Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam - Programmable DC Power Supply



Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



E+H Vietnam

Model: TR11-AZDBHSKGT000

Modular RTD thermometer

E+H Vietnam

Model: FMU 42-AMB2A22A

Ultrasonic measurement

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: ESM301

Motorized Tension

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: M4-50

Force gauges 200N

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: M3-50

Force gauges 200N

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: G1013


Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: G1101


Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: G1061-3


Unipulse Vietnam

Model: F490A

Portable Digital Indicator

Vaisala Vietnam

Part no.: HMP5

Indigo Humidity And Temperature Probe For High Temperature And Flange Mounting

Korea Hoist Vietnam

Model: KAB-160-200

Air balancer

Parker Vietnam

Model: SCLTSD-250-00-07

Level Temp Controller

LABOM Vietnam

Model: BA4100-B57

BA: PRESSURE METER with Bourdon tube in stainless steel

41: according to data sheet D2-015 Stainless steel case: NG 63

00: Design: IP 65, process connection below

B: Process connection: 1/4 'NPT

57: Display range: 0 ... 6 bar; Accuracy: class 1.6

Overload protection: 1.3 times; Lens: safety glass

LABOM Vietnam

Model: BA5200-B2058

BA5: PRESSURE METER with Bourdon tube, stainless steel industrial version according to data sheet D2-020

2: Housing: NG 100 according to EN 837-1 S1

00: Version: IP 65, process connection below

B2: Process connection: 1/2 'NPT

058: Display range: 0 ... 10 bar

MEDC Vietnam


Pushbutton Latching Call Point, IP66 & IP67, Material: Marine Grade

Alloy, Certification: ATEX Certified, Ex II 2 GD, Ex d IIC T5/T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T85°C/T100°C Db, SIL2 approved, Cable Entries: 1 x M20 Bottom, Duty Label: Push Button, Tag Label: Yes (Please specify details with order), Features: Series Resistor (Please specify details with order), Finish: Special (Please specify details with order), Z = 2.5mm2 Terminals

MEDC Vietnam


Pushbutton Latching Call Point, IP66 & IP67, Material: GRP, Certification: ATEX approved Ex II 2GD, Ex d e IIC T6 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T85C Db (Ex d e mb IIC T4 Gb, Ex tb IIIC T135C Db if resistors fitted), DNV & SIL2 approval, Cable Entries: 2 x M20 Bottom, Duty Label:

Required (Please specify details with order), Switches: Double Changeover (VDC), Features: LED, Terminals: 9 x 2.5mm2, Finish: Red, Z =  1 x M20 Nickel Plated Plug Fitted.


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