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HMC3-180M-4P-B3-IE3 - Item no: 5541800100 - Động cơ điện 3 pha - Hoyer- Việt Nam - Song Thành Công - Three phase motor



Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L01012   M13, Ø10

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L34010 M13, Ø8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L34008 M13, Ø6

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L34014 M17, Ø10

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L34011 M17, Ø8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L03308 Ø12- Ø10

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L03307 Ø12-Ø8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L0330S Ø10-Ø8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L22004 TØ8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L22003 TØ6

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L01012 M13,Ø10

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L010l0 M13,Ø8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L01008 M13,Ø6

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L01013 M17,Ø10

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L01011 M17,Ø8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L01009 Ml0,Ø8

Metalwork Vietnam

Code: 2L01007 Ml0,Ø6

Crouzet Vietnam

Code: 84873022

Monitoring Replay  C-Lynx  MWG 3x208/480 VAC

Bifold Vietnam

Replaced by: FP01/S1/M/32/NC/V/77A-24D/30/[M221]

Model Code: 1 litre per minute, Max Valve Pressure: Direct Acting, Spring Return, 345bar, Connections: Subbase mounting, Valve Configuration: 3 way, 2 position, Valve Configuration: Normally Closed, O-ring Material: Viton -20°C to +180°C, Solenoid: Ex d, Solenoid Approval: ATEX/IECEx Dual Certified, Voltage/Resistance: 24VDC, Override Options: Auto Reset, Power: 3.0 Watts, Cable Entry: M20 x 1.5 Cable Entry, Option: Standard, Manifold Option: 1/4" Manifold

eWon/HMS Vietnam

Part No.: Flexy10100_00MA

Industrial Internet router - eWON Flexy101

Bosch Rexroth Vietnam

Code: 3842992517

Belt = L=780 mm = belt mềm, có thể cuộn

ROSS Controls Vietnam

Replaced by: W7076D4331

Valve (W7076C4331 is already changed to W7076D4331)

ROSS Controls Vietnam

Model: W7076A3331



Code: 00566605

Inductive conductivity transmitter Type 8228


Port connection BC89 - G2 union nut; Body material PK - PEEK

Seal material FF - FKM; Sensor C5 - inductive sensor

Measuring range A - freely programmable

function sensor F1 - measurement

Design K - housing with plug M12 x 1, display

Voltage BDN - 12-36 volts; Frequency DC - DC

Output signal B - output current 4-20mA and OP

Special Feature:

IS23 - outputs: 1 x 4-20mA + 1 x transistor; T medium min -15 °C

T medium max 130 °C; T ambient min -10 °C; T ambient max 60 °C


Code: 00559614


Conductivity-transmitter; Type 8222-conductivity mini-transmitter

Port connection 0000 - not applicable

Body material PD - PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride)

Seal material 00 - without seal or no explanation

Sensor C2 - cell constant K=0,1

Measuring range A - freely programmable function sensor A7 - resistive conductivity measure - 2 electrodes

Design 2 - housing with plug M12 x 1

Voltage BDC - 14-36 volts ; Frequency DC - DC

Output signal B - output current 4-20mA and OP

Special Feature:

IS21 - outputs: 1 x 4-20mA + 2 x transisiors

KE07 - nut G1 1/2 PVC

Baumuller Vietnam

Item no: 505350

Inverter BM4135-ST0-00300-03 Without Cards

Producer no: 00392016

Crouzet Vietnam

Code: 84871122

Monitoring Relay C-Lynx  MIC 24-240 VAC/ DC

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Code: RPS0850MR021A01

(RP-S-0850M-R02-1-A01) Temposonics R-Serie

Parker Vietnam

Standard Code: PID00A-401-**

Note: phần ** mã số lô hàng,thay đổi tùy theo đợt hàng

(Order code: PID00A-401-17 CSF0F5)



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