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ioLogik E1242 - Bộ điều khiển Ethernet- từ xa với 4AI/4DI/4DIO và 2 cổng chuyển đổi - Moxa Việt Nam - Song Thành Công - Remote-Ethernet-I/O-with-4AI-4DI-4DIO-and-2-port-Switch

Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:
Vasisala Vietnam
Correct Code: HMT330 7T2D101BCAE100B0EDABAA1
Humidity and Temperature Transmitter
Transmitter type: HMT337 for high humidities
Probe cables: Probe 5m +180C; Additional temperature probe: T-probe, 5m, -70..+180°C 1/4 DIN Class B
Calculations: Cod RH+T+Td+a+Tw+x+h+pws With warmed RH-pro+T-pro; With display; Power supply: Standard (10...35V,24VAC)
Signal output: Analog Output 4...20mA
Analog output signals for Ch1: RH (0...100%RH)
Analog output signals for Ch2: Temperature Range -40...+180C
No Analog output signals for Ch3; Output units: Metric Units
no Option for module slot 1 &2; Cable bushings: Cond Uit Fitting NPT 1/2" ; Transmitter installation: No Installation Kit
Humidity sensor: Heated composite sensor with chemical purge default; Sensor protection: Stainless Steel Filter HM47453
No Installation kit for probe; User´s Guide HMT330 English
No PC Accessories; No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration
No Maintenance Contract
DOTECH Vietnam
Model: DX350H3-01-E
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam
Art No: BWU1939
ASi Safety Input Module, IP20, 1SI/2O
ASi Safety Input Module in IP20, 22,5 mm x 50 mm, with 3 x COMBICON connections, 1 x 2 channels safe input (SIL 3, cat. 4) for floating contacts, 2 digital outputs, input voltage/sensor supply out of ASi, output voltage/actuator supply out of AUX, periphery connection via clamps, length of connector cable max. 15 m for inputs and outputs, ASi connection via clamps, 1 single slave
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam
Art No: BWU1367
ASi Analog Output Module, IP20, 4AO (0...10V)
ASi Analog Output Module in IP20, 22,5 mm x 105 mm, with 6 x COMBICON connections, 4 analog outputs (0...10 V), output voltage/actuator supply out of ASi or out of AUX, auto switching, periphery connection via clamps, ASi connection via clamps, 1 single slave
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam
Art No: BW1593
30 V Power Supply, 8 A
30 V Power Supply, 8 A, 115 V AC/230 V AC, power supply with range switch, IP20 Suitable for all 24 Volt ASi Gateways, ASi Gateways and Safety Monitors with specifications "1 power supply, 1 gateway for 2 ASi networks, inexpensive power supplies".
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam
Art No: BW1649
ASi Power Supply, 4 A
ASi Power Supply, 4 A, 90 V AC ... 265 V AC, wide range switch, IP20
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam
Art No: BWU1644
ASi Bus Termination
Default value of the ASi Tuner; Doubling of ASi cable length
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam
Art No: BWU1855
Advanced Repeater; Circuit extension by more than 100 m
Bihl+Wiedemann Vietnam
Art No: BWU2186
ASi Safety Monitor in Stainless Steel, ASi monitor
ASi Safety Monitor in Stainless Steel, ASi monitor, 4 digital inputs, expandable to max. 62 x 2 channels safe inputs, 2 release circuits (2 x 2 relay outputs), expandable to max. 16 safe outputs, diagnostic and configuration via RS232 diagnostic interface, duplicate address recognition, ASi fault detector, IP20


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