Nitto Seiko Vietnam

Model: RQ2E100A0DDPAX001AS3R

Flow Meter


Size: 100mm ; Accuracy: +-0.5% ; Flow range: 1,400-50,000 L/H

Fluid: Heavy oil ; Viscosity: 10 mPa.s ; Max. Temp: 150 Deg C

Max. Pressure: 2.5 MPa ; Connection: ANSI 300# RF Flange

Flow direction: left to right; Indication: 7 segment LCD Display

Output: Pulse, alarm, and analog signal cooling fin: Single

Material; Body and measuring chamber: Ductile cast iron FCD450

Rotor: Aluminum alloy

TR Electronic Vietnam

Model: CXS65S-00002

CXS65S*4096/1 V000 push pull HW14 ; Step number 4096

Turns 1 ; Interface parallel push pull ; Code gray

Supply voltage 11-27V ; Output level 11-27V ; Protection class IP65

Flange Shaft Type 14H7 Blind Hollow Shaft

Beckoff Vietnam

Model: CX1100-0002

Power supply ; No. 023398 (old: 120933)

Beckoff Vietnam

Model: CX1020-0121 (Standard)

Modular DIN rail industry PC ; No. 032861 (old: 124735)

Beckoff Vietnam

Model: KL9010

Beckoff Vietnam

Model: KL2488

8-channel digital output terminal ; No. 030031 (old: 123148)

Beckoff Vietnam

Model: LC3100

PROFIBUS 'Low Cost' Bus Coupler; No. 014977 (old: 100090)

for up to 64 digital Bus Terminals, 12 Mbaud

Beckoff Vietnam

Model: KL6201

AS-Interface Master ; No. 022261 (old: 119920)

ALIA Vietnam

Model: AMF900-F0015-SJN88-010-N

Electromagnetic Flowmeter ; Size:15mm

Electrode Material: Stainless Steel 316L

Process Connection:15A JIS 10K ; Grounding: None

Protection Class: Junction box IP67,Body IP68

Flange & Housing:S.S.304 Flange & Housing

Installation & Cable length: Separete Version with 10M cable

Option: None

ALIA Vietnam

Model: AMC3200-DC-S2-NN-NN

Converter ; Power Supply:24Vdc,+/-10%

Mounting: Separate,2" Mounting Bracket or Wall Mounting

Protection Class: IP67 ; Option: None

Erhardt + Leimer Vietnam

Part No: 00322454

EK 4020 CAN-Bus adapter "general"for switch cabinet installation UR-Style

Erhardt + Leimer Vietnam

Part No: 00323059

ZC 4081 CAN controller module for digital controller for mounting on path, 111x110x55 mm, with 16 digital in-/output, potencial free output, 24 V DC with software

Erhardt + Leimer Vietnam

Part No: 00319711

AK 4215 Analog module SPI-Interface ; 2x IN 0-20mV

Erhardt + Leimer Vietnam

Part No: 00319710

AK 4022 analog module SPI interface, with 4 analog outputs 0-10V ( 12 Bit ) for installation on standard rail, protection class IP 00,operation voltage 24V DC, dimension: 56,5x111x50mm

Erhardt + Leimer Vietnam

Part No: 00308386

DO 2000 command station for panel mounting for position controller, as per dimensiondrawing 157247, operating voltage 24 V DC

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: RHM6750MD631P101Z12

Temposonics R-Series; Stroke length: 6750 mm