Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:


ABB Vietnam

Model: TU515

I/O modules

ABB Vietnam

Model: DC523

I/O modules

ABB Vietnam

Model: AX522

I/O modules

MOXA Vietnam

Model: IEX-402-VDSL2

Managed VDSL2 Ethernet Extender with 1 10/100BaseT(X) port, and 1 DSL port, -10 to 60°C operating temperature

MOXA Vietnam

Model: TCF-142-M-SC

RS-232/422/485 to Fiber Optic Converter. SC Multi-mode

E2S Vietnam


Manual Alarm Call Points – Break Glass

Testex Vietnam

Model: TY360A

Wrap Reel

Testex Vietnam

Model: TY360B

Wrap Reel

P+F Vietnam

Model: NJ2-11-N-G-V1-Y194329

Inductive Sensor

SADI Vietnam

Model: XTRM-4215AG

Converter and temperature display

SADI Vietnam

Model: XTRM-3215AG

Converter and temperature display

SADI Vietnam

Model: XTRM-2215AG

Converter and temperature display

MF Trasformatori Vietnam

MV/LV  Three-Phase  Min.Oil Transformer: as IEC 76 Wind.Mat.:Cu/Cu

Conv. Trafo 7000 kVA (ONAN) ; 22 // 2x0,62  kV ; as MF job 754/03

Technical information :

Insulation  Class:A/A     

Temp.Rise(Wind./Oil):65/60 K ;  Exec.:Cons./Radiat.


Use Main Motor(as MF n°250204/3): High Effic.:99,27%

Rated Power (Cooling):    kVA           7000(2x3500): ONAN           

Rated Primary Voltage (Ins.Lev.): kV 22+-2x2,5% (Um = 24/50/125)

Rated Second. Voltage no-load (Ins.Lev.) : V2 x 620 (Um = 1,1/3 kV)

Rated Frequency: Hz  50 ; Connection Group: Dd0y11  

Short-circ. Voltage (75°C) at 7/3,5 MVA  :  %   8,4  /  7 -7                      

 No-load Losses :  W7.500 ; Load Losses (75°C) at 7 MVA: W43.500

Extra Accessories (Included):    El.Screen:Buchholz Rel.; Thermom. ;                                                                                         Oil Lev.Indic.+1 CT;  Overpr.Valve: Terminal  Box (for auxiliary circuits)

PORA Vietnam

Model: PR-DTC-4000


BEI Vietnam

Part No.: PHU920-1212-001

Model: PHU9_20//PSSG//12B12D4//S6R//U0D4** Encoder

Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 50109617

RK 72/4-200 L.2 Energetic diffuse sensor

Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 50127015

PRK46C.1/4P-M12 Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric

Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 50080153

PRK 18/4 DL.4 Autocollimated retro-reflective P.E. sensor

Leuze Vietnam

Part No.: 50134295

PRK25C.D1/4P-M12 Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric

SIRCA Vietnam

Butterfly valve series 301 (with the following specifications)


WAFER type, PN16, DN200,

Intermediate flange version with centering eyes, Housing: nodular cast iron GGG40, epoxy coated; Disc: AISI 316; Shaft: AISI 630

replaceable ring bellows made of PTFE, with free shaft end, one-piece housing, Flange gasket integrated in seat ring, no additional flange gaskets required

Bore: PN 6/10/16 ; Overall length: EN558-1; Head flange: ISO5211

Eletta Vietnam


S25 FA250 IP65 DR

TDK-Lambda/OEM ISRA Vietnam

OEM Code: 177974

Netzteil Lambda IN 100-240VAC Out 168VDC 450W

(Axapta no.177974)