Helios-Preisser Vietnam

Code: 0710187

Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 10.0mm

Helios-Preisser Vietnam

Code: 0710189

Measuring insert M2.5mm, ball ł 11.0mm


Model: HD-1200E



Model: A-174E-01-1-TC1-ASP


DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0053805

IL5881.12/100 DC12-280V 5-200K-OHM I/O module

Nidec Avtron Vietnam

AV56a1tdx1yxg015 is replaced by: AV56A1KDX6YXGP51

Housing Type:           1 - Single Output

Rotor Bore Size:        KD - 15/16" Thru-Shaft Cam Screw Rotor for ADC Pitch Motor ; Cover Style:    X - No Cover Plate

Line Driver:   6 - 5-24v in, 5-24v out (7272) recommended for single-ended wiring (A,B,Z, no A/,B/,Z/); Left Output PPR:  Y - 1024 PPR

Right Output PPR:     X - No Right Output, Single Output Only

Connector Options:   G - Ind'l w/Northstar Pinout (EPIC Style connector), w/mating plug, LED diagnostics

Modifications:            P51 - Special options for ADC Motor, upgraded model including paint, diagnostic LED & cam screw rotor and super magnetic shielding

Nidec Avtron Vietnam

Model: AV5-8YP000

Line Driver:   8 - 5-24v in, 5-24V out hi-power standard (Hx)

PPR:    Y - 1024 PPR

Connector Options:   P - Industrial EPIC Style w/Plug

Modifications :      000 - No Special Options

Gefran Vietnam

Model: S9O17DS


Gefran Vietnam

Model: F056776


Gefran Vietnam

Model: S7BQO4P

EAM2359-B     KIT EX-ADV


Model: 184THTY7726

Cat No: Y543A ; 5,1800,TENV,184TC,3/60/230/460

GE IP Vietnam

Code: IC200ALG264

GE Analog input 15 bit current 15 channel

Products condition:  New Surplus

GE IP Vietnam

Code: IC200MDL750

GE Output 12/24VDC POS LOGIC 0.5A per point (...

Products condition:  New Surplus

GE IP Vietnam

Code: IC200MDL650

GE Input 24VDC POS/NEG logic (4 groups of 8) ...

Products condition:  New Surplus

GE IP Vietnam

Code: IC200MDD844

GE Mixed 24VDC POS LOG input group 16 point /...

Products condition:  New Surplus