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KZ-H2 - PLC Position Control Unit - Keyence - Song Thành Công Việt Nam


RMF Vietnam

Code: 9317549

OLU2A30HB01000 RMF FILTER Off- Line Unit, twin housing, pump/motor 3,2 cc 230/400VAC 50Hz 3-phase, incl.

2 pieces Element 30HB, visual indicator and  mounting plate

RMF Vietnam

Code: A

Add-on for 1-phase instead standard 3-phase motor – 230VAC 50/60Hz

RMF Vietnam

Code: 9317551

All option above ; OLU2A30HBA1000 RMF Filter Off-Line Unit,

double housing (single length), pump/motor 3,15cc 230VAC 50Hz

0,18kW 1-phase, incl. 2 pieces element 30HB, visual indicator and

mounting plate

Schiltknecht Vietnam

Item Code: 97.0300

MiniAir Junior Set; consisting of MiniAirJunior display unit, flowprobe Micro 40 m/s, carrying bag

Schiltknecht Vietnam

Item Code: 98.0030

Extension rod Aluminum 15 x 180 mm, Tread G 1/4"

d 15 x 180, G 1/4" blau

Schiltknecht Vietnam

Item Code: 95.2016

Snap head for Flowprobe MiniAir Junior Micro 40 m/s, Plastic/Aluminum

New-Cosmos Vietnam

Model: PE-2DC-CH4

Gas detector

Note: This model is special model. The customer must test run adjustment after buy this model, so if your company or End user can do it, we can sell this model. please noted

Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam

Model: TBX100/L

Turbine Gas Meter; Connection size: Rc 2" (50mm)

Built-in lithium metal battery type; Flow direction: Left to Right

Aichi Tokei Denki Vietnam

Model: TBX30/R3

Turbine Gas Meter; Connection size: Rc 1 1/4" (32mm)

Built-in lithium metal battery type; Flow direction: Right to Left

Elektrogas Vietnam

Model: VMR0-5

Solenoid Valve; Size valve: 3/8"; Max Pressure: 500mbar

(360mbar đã ngưng sản xuất, thay thế 500mBar)

Elektrogas Vietnam

Model: VMR7-3

Solenoid Valve; Size: DN65; Max Pressure: 360mbar

American CRS Equipment Vietnam

Model: CRS-Q100-6-200-480-A

6V, 200A, 480VAC, air-cooled, DC Power Supply (replace for old model: BTA-Q100-6-200-480-A from Baker Technology)

Mehrer Vietnam

Code: 03000096-1

Suction valve Typ S-N

Mehrer Vietnam

Code: 03000097-1

Delivery valve Typ D-N

Mehrer Vietnam

Code: 03000098-1

Suction valve Typ S-N

Mehrer Vietnam

Code: 03000099-1

Delivery valve Typ D-N

Mehrer Vietnam

Code: 00007258

Gasket d 111 x D 118

Mehrer Vietnam

Code: 00007236

Gasket Valve

Handtmann Vietnam

Code: 103138


Handtmann Vietnam

Code: 103137

O-RING   60 x 4 EPDM-FDA

Handtmann Vietnam

Code: 103134


Handtmann Vietnam

Code: 100405


WTW Vietnam

Code: 2CA301

Cond 3310 set 1 Professional, field-proven conductivity meter

with backlit LCD graphic display for mobile measurement, with data logger, USB interface, set with TetraCon® 325

- Waterproof IP 67 ; - Menu driven

- backlit black and white graphic display

- Time and date function

- Measures conductivity, salinity, spec.

Resistance, TDS

- Time-controlled datalogger with sleep mode

- 5000 GLP compliant entries

Measuring device in carrying case with 4-pole conductivity measuring cell TetraCon® 325, LF standard solution 1413µS/cm at 25°C, tripod,

cup, short instruction manual, CD-ROM and batteries, driver software for USB, USB cable

Rosemount Vietnam

Model: 2088G4S22A2D4


MACOME Vietnam

Model: AGV GS-2744B

Guide Sensor

Higen Motor Vietnam

Model: FMAKN05-AB00

Motor 450W

Higen Motor Vietnam

Model: KMI-400K8

Motor 400W

Transforming Technologies Vietnam

Model: 7110.600.SET

ESD Audit Kit With METRISO® 3000; Positioner version: 8049 positioner with base plate in stainless steel



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