GF Vietnam

Code: 3-2724-10


GF Vietnam

Code: 3-2760-1


GF Vietnam

Code: 3-8750-2

(159000055) Note: hàng ngưng sx-stock 2pcs, chưa có code thay thế. Phải recheck stock khi vào PO

WAGO Vietnam

Code: 750-333

Keyence Vietnam

Model: EX-502

Sensor Note: code ngừng sx, Check stock khi vào PO

Rexroth Vietnam

Code: R900589975

4WMM-10-E31/F Van

Rexroth Vietnam

Code: R900589988

4WE-10-33/CG24N9K4 Van

Rexroth Vietnam

Code: R900588201

4WE-10-E33/CG24N9K4 Van

Rexroth Vietnam

Code: R900921754

DBW-20A2-52/315-6EG24N9K4 VAN

Festo Vietnam

Model: MFH-3-1/2

Valve Part No: 9857 ; Including Coil 24 VDC

Matsui Vietnam

Model: MCLX-450-CT-J

Mold Temperature Controller; Power Supply: 200V, 3P, 50Hz

Apparent Power: 22.2kW; Operating Temperature: Up to 95℃

Cooling capacity: 24.3kW; Pump Flow Rate: 450L/min


Alarm Light; Alarm Buzzer; Earth Leakage Breaker; 6-way manifold

Autel Vietnam

Code: MD40


Canneed Vietnam

Model: STR-100

Seam Stripper; Main unit of STR-100

* Includes cutting head, but not include centering tool, space block.

* Clients should buy corresponding centering tool and space bloc

Canneed Vietnam

Model: STR-H**

Space block; Note: Please send the detailed can specifications to choose corresponding space blocks

Canneed Vietnam

Model: TR-C**

Centering Tool; Note: Please advise the end diameters to choose suitable centering tools

Imada - Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Code: HV-500N

Test Stands

Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: ZKB-10BN

Powder Clutch

Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: ZA-10A1

Powder Clutch

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DNW-200K

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DNW-100K

Tension Meter

Co-Ax Valve Vietnam

Art-n: 546438

COAX 3/2 Way Valve, Externally Controlled

Coax valves part number: VSVFDRA 655 55; Type: VSV-F 50 DR NC; Connection: PN 16; Media: Air; Voltage: Bosch pilot valve 24VDC

Pressure: 0-16 bar; Construction: NC (normally closed), Stainless Steel, special seals, Namur Interface, plug with LED

Co-Ax Valve Vietnam

Art-n of valve: 546438

Seal Kits Suit to VSV-F 50 DR NC

Co-Ax Valve Vietnam

Seal Kits Suit to VSV-F 50 DR NC; Art-n of valve: 546438

Co-Ax Valve Vietnam

Art-n: 18015

Solenoid Coil 1 824 210 291; 24VDC Form B with plug connection

Co-Ax Valve Vietnam

Art-n: 14486

Connector MSD 9 43 1804 868 03; Casing Transparent