Duplomatic Viet nam

Model: PZM7-PA5/10/N/S

Pressure Reducing valve

Duplomatic Viet nam

Model: QTM7-D/10N/S

Flow restrictor valve

Duplomatic Viet nam

Model: PZM7-P5/10/N/S

Pressure Reducing valve

MOXA Vie nam

Model: NPort 5630-8

8-port rackmount device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-422/485 RJ-45, 100-240VAC

SICK Viet nam

Code: 1017910

PL240DG Reflectors and optics

SICK Viet nam

Code: 1057652

DT35-B15251 Mid range distance sensors Dx35

SICK Viet nam

Code: 2069592        

BEF-WN-DX35 Mounting systems

SICK Viet nam

Code: 2096215

YG2A15-020VB5XLEAX Plug connectors and cables

SICK Viet nam

Code: 1058986

DL50-P2228 Mid range distance sensors Dx50

SICK Viet nam

Code: 2048397


SICK Viet nam

Code: 6032448


SICK Viet nam

Code: 6020983

WT260-F480 Photoelectric proximity sensor

SICK Viet nam

Code: 5304819

BEF-W260 Mounting: Type

SICK Viet nam

Code: 6058474

Type: DOL-1204-W02MRN Cable & Plug

E2S Viet nam

Model: ML25FV100BN2A1R

ML25 Loudspeaker 100V Line 25W

E2S Viet nam

Model: ML15FV100BN2A1R

ML15 Loudspeaker 100V Line 15W

Microsonic Viet nam

Model: dbk+4/Empf/m12/3bee/m18

Ultrasonic Sensors

MOXA Viet nam

Model: NPort 5150A

1 port device server, 10/100M Ethernet, RS-232/422/485, DB9 male, 15KV ESD, 0.5KV serial surge, 12~48VDC, 0~60°C

MOXA Viet nam

Model: MGate MB3180

1 Port RS-232/422/485 Modbus TCP to Serial Communication Gateway

Mark-10 Viet nam

Model: MTT01-50

Cap Torque Tester

MOXA Viet nam

Model: EDS-205A

Unmanaged Ethernet switch with 5 10/100BaseT(X) ports, -10 to 60°C operating temperature

MOXA Viet nam

Model: IKS-6726A-2GTXSFP-HV-T

Modular managed Ethernet switch with 8 10/100BaseT(X) ports, 2 10/100/1000BaseT(X) or 100/1000BaseSFP combo ports, and 2 slots for fast Ethernet modules, front cabling, 1 isolated power supply ( 85-264 VAC), -40 to 75°C

MOXA Viet nam

Model: IM-6700A-8TX

Fast Ethernet module with 8 10/100T(X) ports

PULS Viet nam

Model: QS20.241-A1

20A/24Vdc Power Supply (ATEX Approval)

MTS Sensor Viet nam

Replaced by: CP11020EHM0430MM001A01