Showa Giken Viet nam

Pearl Rotary Joint

RXE 3020 RH or LH

(RH: Right Hand - thread direction 

LH: Left Hand - thread direction) 

GEMU Viet nam

Part No: 568 6D 13414L4AEC 630 A1

EDV: 88211397 ; Valve Size: DN 6mm

Description : GEMU Metal Globe Valve, Motorized Type 568

Connection : Threaded Socket DIN ISO 228

Body Material : 1.4435, Investment Casting; Seal Material : EPDM

Voltage(Frequency) : 230V (50/60Hz)

Control Module : Open/Close control with additional end position feedback; Control Characteristic : Regulating cone, equal-percentage; Kv Value : 630 l/h

Operator Version : Operating time 45 s

Working Temperature : Max. 80°C; Operating Pressure : 0~6 bar

W+S Mebsyssteme Viet nam

Part Number: IH581-1400R63-01024-SSD2

Custom-built Hollow-shaft Encoder with Special Options to SSD2

same as Ser. No. 801 220040 042

Unipulse Viet nam

Model: UTMII-500Nm

Unipulse Torque Meter

Motrona Viet nam

Internal P/N: 800-006116


Danfoss Viet nam

Part No.: 060G1113

MBS3000-1011-A1AB04-0 Level transmitter

Danfoss Viet nam

Part No.: 060-110191

Pressure switch; Danfos pressure switch 0-7.5 bar KP1

Valpres Viet nam

Code: 720225–DN 100

Ball valve; Valpres valve 721000 + ST/ST heating jacket pipe connections design

Gerfan Viet nam

Part no: F008501

Code: M30-6-M-B07C-1-4-0-XM228 2130X 000X00

Melt Pressure Transducers

KROHNE Viet nam

OPTIFLUX 5000, DN 2,5-100

Type: OPTIFLUX 5300 C

Primary head OPTIFLUX 5000 ; Compact model; Meter size DN 6|1/4"; Mounting between flanges DN 15 PN 40; Overall dimension 65 mm|2.56", excl. gaskets; incl. grounding rings

Measuring tube Fused ceramic; Electrodes Cermet (Platinum)

Housing CrNi steel 1.4408; Insulat. class of coils H

Product temperature -40...+120°C|-40...+248°F

Protection class IP 66/67 (NEMA 4X/6) acc. EN 60529

Mounting material Steel with rubber sleeves

Grounding rings CrNi-steel 1.4404|316 L; Gasket FKM/FPM

Installation instruction Multi-language; Calibration GK

PED group 1 - gases ; SEP APPLICATION DATA

Measuring range Std; As project no. As SN A18021076

KROHNE flow converter ; Type IFC 300 C

Compact model; with 3 x 100% diagnostic; Empty pipe detection, conductivity; Incl. software PACTWARE; Accuracy see TDS

Power supply 100-230 V AC, 50/60 Hz (85-250 V) - [22 VA]

Threaded connection 2 x 1/2" NPT; 1 x M20 x 1,5 with blindplug

Operation manual English (USA); Programming English

Process diagnostic Standard