Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EL9410

Power supply terminal for E-bus refresher

Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EL1008

8-channel digital input terminal 24 VDC, Filter 3.0 ms, 1-wire technology No. 128465

Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EK1100

EtherCAT coupler for E-bus terminals No. 122339

Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EL2008

8-channel digital output terminal 24 V DC 0.5 A, 1-wire technology

No. 126766

Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EL3202

2-channel input terminal PT100 (RTD) for resistance thermometers, 16-bit

Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EL3024

4-channel analog input terminal; 4..20 mA, differential input,12 bits

Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EL6731

PROFIBUS Master Terminal No. 124713

Beckhoff Vietnam

Code: EL9011

End cap / Busendkappe No. 126388

Toyo Machinery Vietnam

Model: PCWD-75-1707

Width Measuring Sensor

Toyo Machinery Vietnam

Model: PCDD-65-1905

Centering sensor

Toyo Machinery Vietnam

Model: ESD-40-D214 ( replace for ESD-30)

Edge Sensor ; Components for Selvage Uncurler Unit SU-AC3

Toyo Machinery Vietnam

Model: BLA-11A-SU-AC3 ( replace for ESA-40)

Controller ; Components for Selvage Uncurler Unit SU-AC3

Toyo Machinery Vietnam

Model: DCU-70-PCW

serial no. 31, date 2N-10

Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: 8P00170014

710061 size 3" +SR125

2 way, three piece ball valve, [Valpres art. 710061 SW vap PN15] for STEAM, stainless steel AISI 316, with pneumatic actuator

Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: 82SR0019

Actuator SR125

Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: 720225-DN100


Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: RI3005

Mounting kit necessary to assemble 82SR0019 to valve 720225 size DN100

Valbia Vietnam

Order Code: 03900000035

Limit Switch Box (SIP702L0 – with 1 cable entry M20x1.5)

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: DMT152-A1DCE11A10EA2X

Low Dewpoint Transmitter

Mechanical connection: DMT152 Metal ISO 1/2" Thread

Measurement parameters: Td/f, ppm

Analog output Ch1 & Ch2 + RS-485 as standard: 4...20mA

Analog output parameter or function for Ch1: Td-100...0C -148...+32F

Analog output parameter or function for Ch2: 0...500ppm

Output units: Metric Units

Pressure Setting for ppm Calculation: Ambient Pressure 1 bar(a) 14.76 psi(a); Sensor Protection: Mesh Filter 18um Stainless Steel

Cable for Analog Outputs and Power Supply (Port 1): Cable 2 m, snap-on  4-pin M8 Female Straight

No Cable for RS485 Line and Power Supply (Port 2)

Installation Accessories ONLY for ISO 1/2" Thread: Sampling Cell+Connectors DMT242SC2

Special Features: Plastic Label 1180, 48+3mm, ZZ-Polyest

Package: Plastic Case + Fillings 222 x 145 x 40

Quick Reference Guide DMT152

Watlow Vietnam

Model: F4SH-KAA0-01RG

Temp Limit Process Contrl ; Configuration Details:

Series F4S = Single Channel Ramping Controller

Power Supply H = 100-240V (VAC/VDC)

Output 1A K = SSR 0.5A, SPST-NO ; Output 1B A = None

Factory Default A = Factory Default

Auxiliary Input Module 0 = None (F4S)

Auxiliary Retransmit 0 = None

Language Option 1 = English with 100 Ohm RTD support

Custom Options RG = Standard Overlay

Balluff Vietnam

BTL5-E17-M0125-K-SR32 is no more valid

Replacement is BTL163H


Electro-Sensors Vietnam

Part No.: 800-010400


Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: DX2-2000-EDM

Tension Meter (Tension meter DX2-EDM does not include a material thickness compensator)

ERO Electronics Vietnam

Code: TKS932133000A0

(TKS932133000) Temperature Controller

ERO Electronics Vietnam

Replaced by: P108 CC VH RRC R 4CL

(TKS937133000) Temperature Controller

Note: Confirm ky truoc khi dat hang

ERO Electronics Vietnam

Replaced by: LFS937133000

(TKS937133000) Temperature Controller

Note: Confirm ky truoc khi dat hang

ERO Electronics Vietnam

Code: LFS832143000

Temperature Controllers

Shanghai Yu Jie Vietnam

Model: YJ-SD220

Blower special oil