FLIR Vietnam

Model: FLIR E6

non contact Infrarood camera bereik -20/+250ºC. WIFI

FLIR Vietnam

Replaced by Model FLIR E8

non contact Infrarood camera bereik -20/+250ºC. (320x240)

Additional Note: Type I7 is replaced.

Valbia Vietnam

Code: 8P00200006

2 way, three piece ball valve with pneumatic actuator.      

714000 size 1" +DA52

TDK-Lambda Vietnam

Replaced by: RSHN-2006

Power Line EMC Filters (Replaced for ZAC2205-00U)

Jaquet Vietnam

Model: DSE Sensors EH10.22 SHZ Ex atex (5m)

Variable Reluctance Speed sensor

Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: AJ65BTB1-16T


Mitsubishi Vietnam

Correct Code: AJ65SBTB1-32D


Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: AJ65BTB2-16R


Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: MR-J3-700A


Leuze Vietnam

Part number: 50033552

Part Number: PRK 18/4 DL.4

Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor



Đầu báo khói quang lắp trên đường ống



Ống lấy mẫu cho đầu báo lắp trên đường ống

METRIX Vietnam

Code: SC5534-333-1-00-150

Seismic Signal Conditioner - velocity sensor input

for Galvanic Isolation Option

METRIX Vietnam

Code: AC4850-132

Cable Assembly - High Temperature ( 5485)     

Cable length must be in even increments past 20ft.

40m ~ 132 feet

METRIX Vietnam

Code: SV5485C-008

Velocity Sensor - 375°C max., connector version

Canneed Vietnam

Replaced Model: DGM-200

Digital Beverage CO2 Calculator

Note: Canneed upgraded the battery and the program of DGM-200 (DGM-100)


Leuze electronic Viet Nam

RLX2-IHNF Series B

Prosoft Technology Viet Nam


Dwyer Viet Nam


Hans-Schmidt Viet Nam


UWT Level control Viet Nam