Takuwa Vietnam

Model: SDC5174

Signal Converters

Hydac Vietnam

Code: 3317394

BF1-NPN-D180/d150 Switch

Schmersal Vietnam

Code: 101164207

AZM 161SK-12/12RK-024 Selenoid Interlock

Crydom Vietnam

Model: EZ240D12

Solid State Relays

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: M2-10

Force Gauge

Mark-10 Vietnam

Model: MTT01-100

Cap torque tester

Hans Schmidt Vietnam

Model: ZED-500

Tension Meter

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 330904-00-08-10-02-00

NSv Proximity Probes

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 330930-040-00-00

NSv Extension Cable

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 3500/05-02-04-00-00-01


Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 3500/15-05-00-00

(3500/15-02-00-00 upgraded to 3500/15-05-00-00) Power Supply

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 3500/22-01-01-00

(3500/20-01-02-00 upgraded to 3500/22-01-01-00)

Transient Data Interface

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 3500/42-07-00

Proximitor Seismic Monitor

GF Vietnam

Part No.: 3-9900-1P

Panel Mount Transmitter 4-20mA output PNL MT Dial-type

GF Vietnam

Part No.: 3-2850-51-39V

2839 Electrode, 0.01 cell

Foxboro Vietnam

Model: IGP10-T22D3E-M2L1

Range: 0-300 Psi


Autonics  –


Xuất xứ Korea

Replaced for E50S8-30-3-1-24 (Old model)




Power Supply

Xuất xứ Korea

Fuji Vietnam

Model: SC-N2


MTS Sensor Vietnam

Model: GHS0285UD602N01

Temposonics G-Serie (Model  TTSRCU026 obsoleted)

Note: GHS0285UD602N1 plus adapter 201612-2 for Neutered output direct replacement or for use with an Analog Output module. The given model number isn’t in our records, so customer needs to confirm the desired output before ordering

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Part No: 201612-2

Assy,  CA Adapter RC A-D 1ft D