RLE Technologies Vietnam

Model: LD2100

Distance-read leak detection controller; LED display, web enabled, includes LC-KIT (leader cable & EOL), requires PSWA-DC-24 or LD-ENC

RLE Technologies Vietnam

Model: PSWA-DC-24

Power adapter; 100-240VAC to 24VDC, 50/60Hz, w/barrel connector, includes type A blade

RLE Technologies Vietnam

Model: SC-100

Sensing cable; conductive fluids, 100ft/30.48m, pre-installed male/female connectors

RLE Technologies Vietnam

Model: JC-10

J-clips; qty 10 (for use with SC, SC-R, SC-ZH and NSC)

Fomotech Vietnam

Model: Alpha 608B standard system

1 receiver + 1 transmitter

(6) double-speed + (2) single-speed pushbuttons

Balluff Vietnam

BTL027E  is no more valid and replaced by Ordering code: BTL2MMM


Balluff Vietnam

BTL0FC4 is no more valid and replaced by Ordering code: BTL15TR


Bently Nevada Vietnam

Model: 330180-50-00

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Model: 330930-040-03-00

PILZ Vietnam


PZE X4 24VDC 4n/o Safety Relay

PILZ Vietnam


PNOZ X11P 230-240VAC 24VDC 7n/o 1n/c 2so Safety Relay

PILZ Vietnam


PNOZ X3P  24-240VACDC 3n/o 1n/c 1so Safety Relay

Balluff Vietnam


BOD 63M-LB04-S115 Photoelectric Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BCC M418-0000-1A-046-PS0825-400 Single-Ended Cordsets

Baumüller DirectMotion Vietnam

Item no: 00384472

DSM115N-44U2905 0096/0850X1 K P P 52 Asusf: Galluss

Three-Phase Synchronous Motor

According Drawing  no M1156N19G

Torque M = 0.65 Nm; Speed n=2900 l/min; Power P = 200W

Current I = 5.5 A; Voltage Uzk = 48 V; Gearbox ratio i =6.75:1

M2 = 350 Ncm; N2 = 430 l/min

With integrated electronic, 1-Q-Controller BKR04, with CAN interface, not isolated plug 12-pin c

SEBA Vietnam

Model: SCTDF-SL-200-F1.1/4-DI-E

Flow Meter ; *Fluid: DI. WATER ; *Flows: 10 ~ 200 LPM

*Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60 ℃ ; *Material of Body : SUS 316

*Connection Type : 1.1/4" Flange Type; *O-ring : EPDM

*Power: DC 24V ; *Output signal: 4-20mA