ROSS Vietnam

Model: D2773B4011

Single Solenoid Pilot Inline Valves

ROSS Vietnam

Model: D2776B5003

Single Solenoid Pilot Inline Valves

ROSS Vietnam

Model: D2774B4001

Single Solenoid Pilot Inline Valves

ROSS Vietnam

Model: D2773B4001

Single Solenoid Pilot Inline Valves

ROSS Vietnam

Model: 411B04


ADFweb Vietnam

Model: HD67056-B2-40

MBus / BACnet Ethernet Converter up to 40 Mbus slaves

Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: MR-J2S-60A

Servo Amplifier

IDEC Vietnam

Code: LS-6

Đèn sợi đốt ; MOQ = 1 box = 100 pcs; Q'ty = BOX

Cảm biến áp suất

Keller Druck  – Xuất xứ Switzerland 

Model: PA-21Y

Áp suất: 0-40 bar

Output: 4-20mA

Supply : 8 – 32VDC


Connection: G1/4”

M3007V10AI, M300

Go4B  – Xuất xứ UK

Slipswitch, 5 wire, 30mm dia

24-240VAC/DC, ATEX

Zone 20/ICECEX

Replaced for M3005V10CA

Parker Vietnam

Upgrade Code: RAH101S30


P+F Vietnam

Model: SU18-40A/110/115/126A

Optic sensor

Balluff Vietnam


BES Q40KFU-PSC20B-S04G Inductive Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BES M30MI-PSC15B-S04G Inductive Sensors

Balluff Vietnam


BES M18EG1-PSC80N-S04G-S Inductive Sensors

GEMU Vietnam

Part number: 568 6D 13414L4AEC 630 A1 (EDV: 88211397)

Valve size: DN 6mm

Description : GEMU Metal Globe Valve, Motorized Type 568

Connection : Threaded Socket DIN ISO 228

Body Material : 1.4435, Investment Casting

Seal Material : EPDMVoltage(Frequency) : 230V (50/60Hz)

Control Module : Open/Close control with additional end position feedback

Control Characteristic : Regulating cone, equal-percentage

Kv Value : 630 l/h; Operator Version : Operating time 45 s

Working Temperature : Max. 80°C ; Operating Pressure : 0~6 bar

NICHI Vietnam

Correct Code: IPH-4A-25-20


NICHI Vietnam

Correct Code: IPH-4B-25-20


AGT-PSG Vietnam

Article no: 92100419

Part No.: MAK10-2202-4-00-F

Sample Gas Conditioner MAK 10-2 ; Wall mounted housing + connectors

2 Cooling rods ; 2 Heat exchangers ; 2 Condensate pumps

1 Wall mounted housing Voltage 230 V, 50/60 Hz