ASM Vietnam

Model: CLMD2-AJ2C8P01500


OILON Vietnam

Model: GPB20-1500A10ALC10NP


(Replacing the old model SP51-1500-A10ASL-CC10EN

No. 9604 / A074358 / 2011)

Honeywell Vietnam

Model: CN7510A2001


Honeywell Vietnam

Model: PUB6438SR/U


Honeywell Vietnam

Model: SI012000

I/O Module (12UI)

Trimble Vietnam

Part No.: 111224-50

Thunderbolt NTP TS200 Time Server

NOTE: The Thunderbolt NTP TS200 Time Server has two DC power input 36 – 72 VDC. One unit of AC/DC power adapter is included in the package for customer who wants to use AC power

Trimble Vietnam

Part No.: 101155-00

Bullet 360 Antenna 5V TNC

Trimble Vietnam

Part No.: 112590

Cable - 12' TNC (approx. 3.6576m) to SMA (m)

Trimble Vietnam

Part No.: 40552-00

Antenna Pole and Mount

Greystone Vietnam

Model: SL-2000-P

4-wire Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector c/w 190mm

Sampling tube

Greystone Vietnam

Model: UPB1AX

Ultra low D/P, 0 - 1.0" WC, ±1.0" WC, 0 - 0.5" WC, ±0.5" WC, 0 - 250 Pa, ±250 Pa, 0 - 125 Pa & ±125 Pa, selectable ranges, LCD

Replaced for ULPA1 (obsolete)

Greystone Vietnam

Model: CMD5B1000

Space CO detector, 5%, Electrochemical, 0-300ppm, 4-20mA 2-wire loop powered output

Dongan Electric Vietnam

Model: E06-SA6

Maxthermo Vietnam

Model: TH5C-8S

Multifunction Digital Timer

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: ETB-500

Tension Meter

Hans-Schmidt Vietnam

Model: ETX-500

Tension Meter

PAT-Krüger Systems Vietnam

Art No.: 0.103651

T1/40t/D/2,5-7,5V/Pg9 Loadcell

Baumuller - German Vietnam

As serial no: 21706480

Item no: 528592E

Motor DSD2-100LO64W-30-54-ABA-KNT-K-AN-O-110 37kW

Producer no: 00449678E