Daejin Blower Vietnam

Model: DISD-160-SS-3550A14

Double Inlet Direct Drive Fan

MTS Sensor Vietnam

Code: RHM0320MD601A01

Temposonics® R-Series ; Position Sensor

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMT3308V0B101ECAE100G0CC2BAA1

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter

Transmitter type: HMT338 for pressurized pipelines

Probe cables: Probe 2m

Additional temperature probe: No Temperature Probe

Calculations: Cod RH+T+Td+a+Tw+x+h+pws; Display: With Display

Power supply: Standard (10...35V,24VAC)

Signal output: Analog Output 4...20mA

Analog output signals for Ch1: Channel 1 Tdf (-20...+100C)

Analog output signals for Ch2: Channel 2 T (Range See Below)

Analog output signals for Ch3: No Analog Outputs

Analog output range for temperature: Temperature Range -40...+180C ; Output units: Metric Units

Option for module slot 1: No Module

Option for module slot 2: No Module

Cable bushings: M20 x 1.5 mm NPT 1/2 ", Conduit Fitting Only

Transmitter installation: No Installation Kit

Humidity sensor: Composite sensor with chemical purge default

Sensor protection: Sintered Filter AISI 316L  HM47280

Installation kit for probe: Fittings ISO1/2+NPT1/2 for HMT330pf

Operating manual language: User´s Guide HMT330 English

PC Accessories: No Accessories

Calibration / Calibration contract: No Calibration Contract ISO9001 Calibration; Additional Maintenance: No Maintenance Contract


Code: 6115



Model: X-1

High-intensity, Multi-function Portable Strobe

Replaced for BS-300A (obsolete)

Yaskawa Vietnam

Replaced by: CIMR-HB4A0024FBC

(CIMR-G7A47P5) Inverter 380V 7.5KW


Datalogic Vietnam

Model: DS2-05-07-120-JV

LD HIGH RES H=1200mm

Datalogic Vietnam

Model: DS2-05-07-165-JV

LD HIGH RES H=1650mm

Sumitomo Heavy Industries Vietnam

Drw no.: FFTS05A0898

SF Coupling 1100T20

Metrix Vietnam

Code: 5485C-004

Metrix Vietnam

Cable Assembly: 4850-050

Metrix Vietnam


Metrix Vietnam


Metrix Vietnam

ST 5484E-121-420-00

Metrix Vietnam

ST 5484E- 152-120-30

Metrix Vietnam

Shaker HI-903

Metrix Vietnam

Shaker HI-913