Sineax I538 - AC Current Transducer - 146979 - Camille Bauer Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Namthong tin lien he ThienSTC 2

Sineax I538 - AC Current Transducer - 146979 - Camille Bauer Việt Nam - Song Thành Công Việt Nam

Camille Bauer Vietnam

Code: 608-81111K00000
Sineax V 608; Measuring rang: 0-1200

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0056633

Switches Unlimited BG5914.08/00MF0 DC24V

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0056460

Switches Unlimited BH5914.08/00MF0 DC24V

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0056547

Switches Unlimited BG5912.86/00000 DC24V Tv=0-3S

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0056147

Relay LG3096.60 DC24V

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0056402

Switches Unlimited BG5912.04/00000 DC24V

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0055531

Switches Unlimited BH5911.03/00MF0 DC24V

DOLD Vietnam

Art number: 0048700

Relay BN3081.63/61 AC/DC24V

Taisee Vietnam

Model: T6-5-4-030ZP

Temperature Controller

Taisee Vietnam

Model: T6-5-4-050ZP

Temperature Controller

Ziehl Vietnam

Model: TR600

ZIEHL Temperature Controller  With RS485 Code: T224361

Ziehl Vietnam

Model: TR400

ZIEHL Temperature Controller Code T224380


Model: S-323K-01-1-TPC1-ASP


MOXA Vietnam

Model: MGate MB3280

2-port standard Modbus gateway

MOXA Vietnam

Model: AWK-3131A-EU

Industrial 802.11a/b/g/n Access Point, EU Band, -25°C to 60°C

MOXA Vietnam

Model: V2403-C2-T-W7E

(Pre-Configured Model) x86 ready-to-run embedded computer with Intel Celeron 1047UE, 1 HDMI, 1 DVI-I, 2 LANs, 4 serial ports, 4 DIs, 4 DOs, 4 USB 2.0 ports, Windows Embedded Standard 7, -40 to 70°C operating temperature

Metrix Vietnam

Code: 5550-221-010

Mechanical Vibration Switch ; Hazard Rating - UL, cUL Explosion Proof, Grp B, C & D ; Contacts – DPDT ; Full Scale Range - 5 g

Reset Coil & Start Up Delay – None

Wiring Entry/Mounting Plate - 3/4 NPT; METRIX 5173 / 5175

Environmntal Rating - NEMA 4, IP 66

Vaisala Vietnam

Code: HMD70Y

Humidity and Temperature Transmitter, 3-wire

Watlow Vietnam

Part No.: Q32-481-200-BV0

Temp. Controller ; Phase Q32 = 3 phase, 2 leg

Operating Voltage 48 = 480VAC

Cooling Fan Voltage 1 = 120VAC; required on all 3-phase mode

Output Current Amps 200 = 200 amps

Control Card BV = Burst fired, variable time base;

Open Heater/Shrt SCR: 0 = None

Armatury Vietnam

valve S33.1 DN 150 PN 16 115 L=350

flanged ends form B1 ; material: EN 1.0619

trim 1 according to API 600  ; W operated

Keyence Vietnam

Model: IL-1000

Bộ khuếch đại

Keyence Vietnam

Model: SJ-E108A + OP-87414

Sensor Note: không thể mua rời

Keyence Vietnam

Model: SJ-C5U

Power Cable 5m

Keyence Vietnam

Model: MS2-H50

Power Supply

E2S Vietnam


Tool Reset Call Point

E2S Vietnam


Push Button

E2S Vietnam

Model: BExS110DRDC024AS4A1R

Explosion Proof Alarm Horn - Radial Omni-directional

E2S Vietnam

Model: BExBG10DPDC024AS4A1RY

Explosion Proof Xenon Beacon

E2S Vietnam

Model: BExCS110L2DPFDC024AB1A1R/R

Explosion Proof Alarm Horn & LED Beacon


Model: V023643.B01

Measuring Cable



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