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Ngoài ra công ty Song Thành Công còn cung cấp và phân phối các dòng thiết bị công nghiệp hóa tự động khác:



Greystone Vietnam

Model: SL-2000-P

4-wire Photoelectric Duct Smoke Detector c/w 190mm

Sampling tube

Greystone Vietnam

Model: UPB1AX

Ultra low D/P, 0 - 1.0" WC, ±1.0" WC, 0 - 0.5" WC, ±0.5" WC, 0 - 250 Pa, ±250 Pa, 0 - 125 Pa & ±125 Pa, selectable ranges, LCD

Replaced for ULPA1 (obsolete)

Greystone Vietnam

Model: CMD5B1000

Space CO detector, 5%, Electrochemical, 0-300ppm, 4-20mA 2-wire loop powered output

Shenzhen Tongchuang Mechatronics Vietnam

Model: 45LC0360-NE08S

Light Curtain

Shenzhen Tongchuang Mechatronics Vietnam

Model: 45LC0360-NR08S

Light Curtain

Leuze Vietnam

Part no: 50135080

KSS ET-M12-4A-RJ45-A-P7-020

Interconnection cable Suitable for interface: Ethernet, M12, Axial, Male, D-coded, 4pin to RJ45, Shielded, 2M PUR green cable, IP 67 (M12), IP 20 (RJ 45)

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 84661-17

Bently Nevada Vietnam

Code: 330130-040-00-00

KATEEL Vietnam

Model: K-MSGB-250-4SN

3 Speed Gear Box



Parker Vietnam

Part No.: CONMOT82F

Female Connector 6 pin power

Parker Vietnam

Part No.: CONRES82F

Female Connector 6 pin signal

Martens Vietnam

Code: TV500L-200-5

Isolating converters - (Characteristic curve increasing)

Inputs : ± 20 mA and ± 10 V DC

Outputs: 0/4..20 mA and 0/2..10 V DC

Characteristic curve: increasing; Supply voltage : 24V DC ± 15 %

IFM Vietnam

Code: IB0016

IBE2020-FBOA Inductive Sensor

IFM Vietnam

PN2024 replaced by PN2094

PN-010-RER14-MFRKG/US/ /V Pressure Sensor

STÖBER Antriebstechnik Vietnam

Model: SDS4021

(SDS4011 is no longer available) MV0000026953 Servo inverter

Recommended motor power 2.00 kW; Rated current 3 x 3,0 A

Maximum current max. ca. 5s, ±3% / 6A; Input voltage 3x400V +32/-48% 50Hz; Input voltage 3x480V +10/-56% 60Hz; Protection class IP20; Input voltage 400V_3ph; POSI upgrade Standard

Version Standard software  V 4.x

Modification Without modification; Type electronics SDS 4021

Mitsubishi Vietnam

Model: MR-J2S-60A


Allen Bradley Vietnam

Replaced Model: 2711P-RP8D

(2711P-RP1) Module

TAKEX Vietnam

Model: F70AGK

Fiber optic sensor

Leuze Vietnam

Replaced by: PRK46C.1/4P-M12

Part no:  50127015

Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, range limit 0.1 ... 30 m, LED, Red, 10-30VDC, PNP Light + PNP Dark switching, M12 4pin connector, 270° potentiometer, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67/IP69K

(Alternative to PRK 46B/44.01-S12 - no longer avail)

Leuze Vietnam

Replaced by: PRK25C.D1/4P-M12

Part no. 50134295

Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, Operating range limit 0 ... 10 m, LED, Red, 10-30VDC, PNP Light switching + PNP Dark switching, M12 4pin connection, 270° potentiometer, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67/69K, Detection of stretch-wrapped objects

(Alternatives to: PRK 25B/66.31.03-S12 - no longer avail)

Leuze Vietnam

Replaced by: PRK25C.D1/2N-M12

Part no. 50134299

Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, Operating range limit 0 ... 10 m, LED, Red, 10-30VDC, NPN Light switching + NPN Dark switching, M12 4pin connection,   270° potentiometer, -40 ... 60 °C, IP67/69K

(Alternatives to: PRK 25B/66.31.03-S12 - no longer avail)




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